Enlightened Leadership Blog | When Less Is More | August 2022

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We’ve heard the expression less is more. Intellectually, we understand it. Application of the concept can be challenging to navigate. This practice requires self-awareness and discipline that is not easily learned from a book or absorbed in a room. Wanting More Let’s face it, we live in a culture where more symbolizes “better”. Better grades,…

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Enlightened Leadership Blog | Find Another Way to Say It | April 2022

Find another way to say it blog post

We use words frequently, knowing their literal meaning, perhaps without awareness of what they communicate or how they make others feel. Next thing we know, certain words are overused. We may have even offended others, unintentionally. Recently, I challenged myself to choose one word, used professionally and personally, to limit. The chosen word – “busy”.…

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Enlightened Leadership Blog | Why Are We Connecting? | March 2022


Digital connection can be engaging, informative, and useful, ultimately leading to new partnerships. However, it can also be distracting and fruitless. Many of us are greeted with multiple “invites” to network daily. I’ve learned through experimentation how to compartmentalize such requests to preserve my time and focus, and now yours. Give The givers are typically…

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Enlightened Leadership Blog | Laugh & Learn | February 2022

Laugh and Learn

Leadership is one of those terms that means many things to folks of different life stages. Messages communicated at a recent leadership event were insightful, inspiring, honest, and at times, funny. When was the last time I laughed at a leadership event or reading a book about the same? Don’t remember one. Thoughts Our thoughts reflect…

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Book Blog | There Has To Be More | November 2021

JLM & Associates Consulting, LLC

There Has To Be More by Rachel Service is a straightforward personal growth mindset resource for readers who have experienced the feeling of wanting more, in any aspect of their life, and are ready to act. The author’s positive intent to lead us toward a fulfilling life we can enjoy on our own terms shines…

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