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Enlightened Leadership Blog | 5 Things to Know to Lead a Purpose-Driven Business | January 2024

Have you ever thought about purpose in the context of your business?

Purpose can be quite inspiring, interesting, and innovating.

Purpose gets you out of bed easily in the morning even when you are tired; it gives you a physical, mental, and emotional boost.

Purpose unites you with other like-minded folks who understand what you are setting out to do.

Plus, when you lead with purpose, you can bring that purpose to wherever you go.

Purpose-Driven Business

Recently, I was interviewed by Authority Magazine for their “Purpose Before Profit” series.

As part of the interview, I was asked “What advice would you give to budding entrepreneurs who wish to start a purpose-driven business? What are your 5 Things You Need to Know in Order to Create a Highly Successful Purpose-Driven Business.” Click Here to Read the Full Interview (medium.com)

Here is my response:

For budding entrepreneurs starting a purpose-driven business, my advice is: Be patient and resilient. You have visions that you can execute in time if you stay focused and diligent. Not everything will go as planned or as you like, and there will be folks who criticize, complain, or copy. Keep going.

5 Things You Need to Know to Create a Highly Successful Purpose-Driven Business:

1. Start with where you are. For example, start your business within your financial, time, and energy resources. Be ambitious while also being realistic.

2. Start with who you are. At the point where you set out to start your own business, your personality is developed. If you choose to, you are going to grow, stretch, and evolve. However, you have likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, successes, and failures. For example, I embark on a new project with a plan and perspective; I meet deadlines, I produce quality. Therefore, I enjoy working with others who also value those things.

3. Value yourself. When you are at the helm of your own business, you can choose to stay true to your values, desires, and needs. No one can do that for you. The more you value yourself, the more others will value you. It is all circular.

4. Learn from folks more experienced than you. As a business leader, you need to keep learning. One essential way to do so is to tap into the right resources for what you are setting out to accomplish. For example, when you are working on a project with elements that require specialized skill sets, you do not need to fill all the roles yourself. Find the expert skills you need, and you will yield amazing results more so than if you try to stumble through it all yourself.

5. Keep going, even when you feel scared. I have learned through my own experiences that the times I feel discomfort and have the thoughts, “How am I going to do this?” or “Am I ready for this?” are tremendous growth periods during which I accomplish more than I set out to do. 

Click Here to Read the Full Authority Magazine Interview (medium.com)

How does purpose fuel you and your business?

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By Jennifer Musser

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