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Creative and focused financial and operational strategy for a new business landscape

What We Do

JLM & Associates Consulting, LLC helps business leaders develop a growth framework by providing financial and operational tools and support, drawing on our experience working with big businesses. Our focus is our clients.

Our Mindset

Jennifer knows how to lead businesses. With over twenty years of experience in global consulting and corporate finance, Jennifer's passion is dissecting business issues, piecing together complex puzzles, and empowering business leaders through a multifaceted approach. She sees the full picture through a creative and strategic lens that benefits her clients. Gone are the days when businesses figure it out as they go along. 

It's time to think differently.

Our Mission

We deliver engaging consulting experiences that drive faster and stronger business and financial performance.

Small Business Solutions

We operate as a true small business partner to address challenges, improve outcomes, and alleviate the pressures of company management. Our tailored value-added solutions range from one-time services and interim management roles to continuous support, all designed to meet your specific requirements.

JLM & Associates Consulting, LLC

Let Us Empower You To Thrive

Collaborate with us to achieve more, with less stress. We offer the following benefits using our strategic approaches:

  • Simplified Solutions
  • Well-designed strategic road maps
  • Improved revenue and profit results
  • Enhanced productivity and processes
  • Embedded project management
  • Added learning and development
  • Advanced decision-making
  • Reduced business risks

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We look forward to helping your business achieve new heights.

"Well done is better than well said." - Benjamin Franklin

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