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Enlightened Leadership Blog | Get to Know Jennifer Musser: How Learning and Life Shape My Entrepreneurial Spirit | March 2024

An Interview with Cortney Donelson

This month, we go behind the scenes with Jennifer Musser, the founder and owner of JLM & Associates Consulting. We live real lives filled with visions and realities just like you. 

Okay, let’s get the conversation started.

Cortney: What is your vision for your business and the role you play in it?

Jennifer: My vision is guided by my purpose to empower business owners and leaders with financial and operational tools and support. I enjoy providing access, connection, and guidance to the business owner community in ways that work for them. My approach isn’t about me. It’s about the clients.

My role is aligned with my mission to provide clients with personalized and seamless consulting experiences while enabling faster and stronger business and financial performance. Faster because a skilled consultant is talented at achieving effective positive outcomes on schedule (timelines are important). Stronger because a reliable consultant knows how to build the muscles of a company as a team. Less stress because I want to be the consultant that helps my clients gain clarity and breathe rather than feel overwhelmed or stressed.

Cortney: What inspired you to start your company’s Enlightened Leadership Blog?

Jennifer: In 2020, I began writing as a hobby. Then, I started reviewing nonfiction books for a couple of publishing companies. I found myself craving the creative outlet that writing provides more and more. So I decided to channel my writing passion into a blog. By the end of 2021, the Enlightened Leadership Blog – JLM & Associates Consulting, LLC ( was alive. It’s an upbeat place where business owners can come to digest perspectives, guidance, and tips based on authentic big business, small business, and real-life experiences. I created this space to foster the professional and personal growth of other business owners and leaders. And now we’ve collaborated to add your insights as well.

Cortney: What does a typical day look like for you?

Jennifer: The best mornings for me start before sunrise with a steady flow of black coffee. After my early morning routine, I get to work. Some evenings are go, go, go; others include healthy home-cooked meals enjoyed as a family. If I need to get more work done, I squeeze in another block of time later in the evening. It depends on the day. 

Cortney: Do you have any regrets? Is there anything you would change? 

Jennifer: No regrets. I know I made the best life decisions at the time I made them. I realize and see much more now so I have changed how I handle certain situations. I don’t entertain judgment from others. I won’t be painted with someone else’s brush because I’m a woman, or a mom, or a wife, or a business owner, or dedicated, or ambitious, or anything. When I see it, hear it, or feel it, I move on without hesitation. I know that I excel. I know that I have never missed a deadline in my entire career. I know the context of my own life. I don’t care what others assume they know about me.

Cortney: What is your favorite genre of books to read?

Jennifer: Learning fuels me so I reach for nonfiction including narrative nonfiction, memoir, business, self-help, spirituality, and health and fitness. I have about a dozen on my nightstand right now. Your book The Billionaire’s List was the first fictional murder mystery I’ve read in many years which inspired me to switch up my reading selections. I loved that it was set at the New Jersey shore!

Cortney: Have you always been a reader?

Jennifer: Yes! I remember my mom reading to me a lot as a kid. My parents put books in my toy chest and on a shelf in my room. As I got older, I read to expand my perspectives, learn new things, and help me figure stuff out. It inspires me.

Cortney: What do you value most?

Jennifer: Family, love, and happiness are important to me. I also value candor, work ethics, trustworthiness, dependability, determination, and self-improvement.

Cortney: What is important to you about candor?

Jennifer: In business and life, I prefer someone to be direct rather than talk to me in riddles. I like folks who say what they need, want, or what is really happening. Recently, I was in a meeting, and someone was asking me questions in a “sideways” manner. I nicely asked, “Is there something specific you’re looking for?” That helped redirect the flow a bit. 

Cortney: What are the two skills that you rely on most as an entrepreneur?

Jennifer: Patience and resilience. In my heart, I know that I can execute my visions in time by staying focused and diligent. Not everything goes as planned and that’s okay. 

Cortney: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Jennifer: Five years sounds so far away, but it’s not.

As for my career, I will continue to utilize my voice to share experiences, insights, and actionable advice through my consulting and writing. I’m focused on the methods I use to amplify what I do including how I’m tapping into my audience, how folks are finding me, and how I’m building relationships. As I expand my reach, my writing will go beyond the Enlightened Leadership Blog. 

There is always more to do and to learn. So, after the next five years, I will keep expanding, growing, and digging deeper within myself.

Cortney: What do you want people to remember about you?

Jennifer: That I am kind and personable, and care to my core. I love learning, emit a positive vibe, and bring laughter. 

Cortney: How can readers and business owners contact you?

Jennifer: Would love that! Reach out via LinkedIn and email.



*Photo credit: Susie Mann