Enlightened Leadership Blog | Breathe Your Way | December 2022

When sitting down to write the last Enlightened Leadership Blog of 2022, I asked myself – What was the most beneficial habit focused on this year that could help You?

The One Thing

Once year end rolls around, we find ourselves pressed for time, squeezing in more work, commitments, holiday to dos, and celebrations, while tying up loose ends and planning next year. We’re in the home stretch of accomplishing what we set into motion months ago. Time evaporates while stress accumulates.

Regardless of what we do for work, where we live, or family dynamics, the last few weeks of the year fill up quickly. Big business or small business aside, work, and personal lives blur as we dash from one commitment to the next.

What is the one thing I focused on in a habitual sense that allows me to power through the final quarter of 2022? Breathing.

The Reset Breath

This “new” habit is what I call the reset breath. This type of breath is different than inhaling and exhaling to exercise, walk, stretch, meditate or do yoga. This is distinct because it’s separate, it’s quick, like a segway.

For example, like many of you, I move between all facets of my business, meetings, events, work, home, and family. I needed something to reset myself quickly after one thing before the other. Sometimes, there is less than five minutes in between commitments. This is how I discovered the value of breathing with purpose.

The intent is to clear the mind quickly to recenter and be present. Then, we can bring clarity to our next task. Also, this practice has become high octane fuel for my writing.

The Reset Button

Regardless of who we are or what we do for work, we naturally end up craving a break this time of year. We need more than the reset breath. It’s time to tap our reset button.

Appreciate all you achieved this year. Then, hit the reset button to start 2023 healthier, stronger, and fresher.

by Jennifer L. Musser 

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