Laugh and Learn

Enlightened Leadership Blog | Laugh & Learn | February 2022

Leadership is one of those terms that means many things to folks of different life stages. Messages communicated at a recent leadership event were insightful, inspiring, honest, and at times, funny. When was the last time I laughed at a leadership event or reading a book about the same? Don’t remember one.


Our thoughts reflect who we are and who we become. Top performers in the spotlight face criticism and judgement. However, leaders can hear and see the noise, without letting negativity penetrate their mind. In other words, forget it and move on. Tomorrow isn’t necessarily easier, but a chance to experience a new day. Easier said than done, but there is a reason why elite performers such as famous athletes excel in their professions. Applying a filter is a valuable skill.


Leaders to admire act well toward themselves and others. They work hard. They get better. Even the ones we see on TV do normal things like dine at restaurants, hang with family and friends, enjoy their pets, maybe even play video games, etc. Their social media presence is positive (and “clean”). They know how to focus on what is important, to them, and who they want to be.


Authentic, positive leaders surround themselves with like-minded friends and family. Why? Because they know (1) reciprocal relationships feel good and (2) the inner circle they keep matters. Bad day to vent about? Seek honest advice? Need to be pointed in the right direction? Want to vacation? Celebrate? These are examples of times when members of the inner circle are tapped. “Membership” is limited, meaning wildly successful folks may have a select set of true confidants. As a result, they will be lifted, respected, and valued consistently and authentically.


Engaging leaders add levity to situations. They know how to laugh and joke around. The effective combination is what made this event memorable. It delivered the intended messages in an enjoyable, lighthearted manner. Ever attend a conference with speakers who droned on about how important and great they are? This was the opposite of that.


After digesting the leadership dialogue, the advice delivered comes down to this:

  1. Think positively
  2. Filter out the noise.
  3. Treat each day as a fresh start.
  4. Choose an inner circle.
  5. Bring laughter.

Turns out listening, laughing, and learning is a leadership event trifecta. Try it.

by Jennifer L. Musser